Low Level International Bridge – Cornwall

Cornwall Low Level Bridge  Low level bridge Cornwall

We were involved with the supplying materials for the 1st Seaway International Bridge in 1957 and we paved the new 2013 low level International bridge. We also did site work and paving of the Canada Border Service Agency project.


10th line road widening10th line road orleans

This 2008-2009 project is replacing deep storm sewers, watermain and sanitary sewers. It requires deep trenching and specialized equipment. As shown in photo, Cornwall Gravel has 3 shovels on site, Cat 385, Cat 365 and Cat 345. These large shovels are required to move the special trench boxes that were designed and manufacture in order to complete this deep sewer job. The crews have worked throughout the winter months to keep the project on schedule.


We are currently working on the 3rd phase of a subdivision located in Greely, in the City of Ottawa. Cartwave Realty Ltd. is to developing this raw land into beautiful 2 acre lots. This 84 lot subdivision, required massive machinery to break solid bedrock to make way for the roadway through the subdivision. Cat 345 Shovels with hoe ram attachments, chipped away at the rock to construct ditches for proper drainage. This project has an estimated value of approximately $2,000,000.


Hill IslandCartwave Realty Ltd. is developing another subdivision in the City of Cornwall. It is a 29 lot subdivision on Ellen Avenue in Cornwall for single and semi-detached homes. We install the sewers, water mains and the underground wiring then pour curbs and sidewalks and construct and pave the street.


SCM WallmartIn 1998, we played a huge role in preparing the new SCM Walmart Warehouse site, excavating the massive area for the building and parking lots. We supplied a large volume of granular materials for the building foundation and parking lots. We have been awarded other phases of SCM Warehouse as they continual expand the existing warehouse.


Home DepotHome Depot afterFortunately for Cornwall, Home Depot decided to build a new store to service the local economy. Our crews did the clearing/grubbing of the site, excavation of the building, stone and ready mix supply, servicing and paving. This mega store is a real gem for the Cornwall community. This project’s budget was approximately $2,500,000.



St Joseph's villaThree houses had to be demolished for the expansion of St. Joseph’s Villa on First Street and York Street in the City of Cornwall. We have done many projects of this type including requests by insurance companies who need a site clear after a house or building has been severely damaged.


Highway 401 overpassesIn 2003-2004, Cornwall Gravel Co. had a two-year contract to demolish twin overpasses on Highway 401 near Cornwall. The bridges were originally constructed in the 1950s to transport highway traffic over an existing railway line. The railway line has since been abandoned, making the bridges redundant.

Cornwall Gravel Co. played an important role in helping the Ministry of Transportation develop a strategy to remove the aging bridges. The excavation around the columns was complicated by unstable soil conditions. Several meters of peat were removed and replaced with crushed stone, and Wick Drains were used to help drain the water out of the clay underneath. This allowed settlement to take place before the highway was re-built at a lower elevation than where the bridges had been.
Eastbound traffic was diverted across the median onto a westbound lane to allow the removal of the eastbound bridge. Public safety and worker safety were of paramount concern with the complex traffic control. Digital signs flashed messages warning drivers of the upcoming disruption. For night-time safety, temporary streetlights lit the path for drivers to follow.
This $4.5 million project demanded precise scheduling of sub-contractors, excavation crews, demolition crews, and paving crews. The end result is a freshly paved smooth surface and little indication that two bridges had even been there.


In 2001, the City of Ottawa awarded Cornwall Gravel a $3,000,000 contract. This contract required the installation of a FRP sewage lift station and control chamber manhole. The tank picture here, had an interior diameter of 3.66 meters and a total height of 15.2 meters. The elevation for the tank required excavating 14.9 meters below final grade with the deepest 8 meters being in solid bedrock. It was an exciting challenge for our crews and the job went smoothly due to the experience of our work force.


Parliament HillCornwall Gravel paving crew at Parliament Hill. The crew had a special assignment in Ottawa on a Saturday, to pave in front of Parliament Hill. The crew received high praise for a job well done.


Brookdale Avenue Brookdale

This project involved the reconstruction of Brookdale Avenue in the city of Cornwall. This $6,000,000 two-year contract has kept Cornwall Gravel crews busy for the last two years. The job involved putting in new sewers, watermain and services to all houses and businesses along this stretch of Brookdale Avenue.